Disability And Human Rights In The Workplace

The Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act provide protection against discrimination in the workplace. When a worker is injured, termination of employment can bring up issues of discrimination and human rights violations.

Experienced Representation At Every Level

Whitteker Legal Services is one of few firms that practise exclusively in the area of workplace disability. Over decades of practise in Burlington, Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, our legal team has provided strong representation for clients at meditations and federal and provincial human rights tribunals. We have a thorough understanding of the complications that can arise when the issues of disability, employment dismissals and workplace human rights intersect.

Fighting For Employees' Rights

If you are a worker who has been terminated by your employer due to a disability, we can advise you on your rights and launch a strong fight to protect them. We can represent you on your WSIB claim or appeal and in claims for wrongful dismissal. We can analyze your case and determine your options for reinstatement at your job, compensation for termination notice or other damages from your employer.

Proactive Advice For Employers

If you are an employer, we can represent you in a wrongful dismissal case involving worker disability. Our aim is to pursue timely, cost-saving results.

We also strongly encourage employers to be proactive about preventing accidents, wrongful dismissal and human rights abuses. We provide consultative services on a wide range of workplace disability issues and can help your business develop and implement disability and human rights policies and practices.

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