Effective Representation For WSIB Appeals

Appealing a WSIB decision can be a frustrating experience with seemingly no end in sight for both employers and workers. At Whitteker Legal Services, our job is to use our experience in workplace disability claims for your benefit.

Over the years, we have served thousands of clients in Burlington, Toronto and throughout the Golden Horseshoe area. With our unique focus on workplace disability, we know how to work in a timely and effective way to protect your interests over a claim.

Defending The Rights Of Injured Workers

If your WSIB claim has been denied, you don't need to simply give in and assume that you no longer have a case. After fighting thousands of cases at every level of the appeals process, our legal team knows how the WSIB operates and what it takes to make a successful appeal.

Even if you win an initial entitlement, you may experience further problems such as:

  • Disputes over interpretation or implementation
  • Your employer appealing the decision
  • A WSIB decision that you can work at a lower level than your original occupation

No matter how complex, our advocates can inform you of your rights, prepare the right evidence and fight your case to protect your loss of earnings.

Protecting Employer Interests

If you are an employer, the longer a worker's claim remains open, the more your costs will escalate. If the WSIB has approved one of your employee's claims, we can examine it on your behalf. We provide workplace injury legal representation and know how to offset your costs by:

  • Spotting WSIB errors in a decision
  • Investigating pre-existing conditions or secondary injuries that impact the claim
  • Identifying whether a third party is liable to share the claim cost
  • Developing as quick and safe a return-to-work program as possible

We also provide consultative services for employers with a view to reducing claim frequency, minimizing costs and managing worker attendance.

Consult On Your WSIB Appeal Case Today

Contact us for a free consultation with a legal consultant. At the end of our conversation, you will have answers to your questions, learn what your options are and gain a clearer picture of the issues impacting your case. Call 866-418-5956 or use our online form to reach us by email.