Disability Training And Development Human Resources Professionals

Whitteker Legal Services provides human resources professionals with consulting and training specific to workplace disability. We are one of few firms in the Burlington area that practises exclusively in this niche legal area. We equip businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario with applied knowledge to help them become proactive in preventing and managing workplace disability.

Skills Development In Workplace Disability

Reducing costs and complications from workplace injury is related to how well your staff knows how to prevent accidents and to react appropriately when one occurs. Our disability training programs are aimed at helping your business reduce liability, manage claims and keep costs to a minimum.

We can train your human resources staff on such workplace disability matters as:

  • Legal rights, duties and obligations regarding occupational health and safety
  • Policy and procedures development and implementation
  • Preventative measures for workplace accidents and injuries
  • Attendance management and early detection of potential problems
  • Claims management for workers' compensation
  • Risk management to reduce claim frequency
  • Cost management and relief measures to mitigate the cost of WSIB claims
  • Return-to-work programs and work accommodation issues
  • Human rights issues related to workplace disability

We also provide legal advice and representation to protect your business's interests when a worker opens a workers' compensation claim or makes a WSIB appeal.

Discuss Your Business's Workplace Safety Training Needs

Call us to learn more about how your business can benefit from our human resources training services. We also provide legal advice about workers' compensation claims and human rights issues. Call us at 866-418-5956 or email us to request a consultation.